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At work. At home. In the game. When it matters.

Neuropeak Pro offers precision breathing, heart rate variability (HRV), and neurofeedback training programs to maximize your potential and better your life.

Our programs have something for everyone, whether you’re looking to improve your overall wellness or need to perform better at work, at home, or on the field.

Our Programs​


A comprehensive, wellness-focused program that’s centered on precision breathing and heart rate variability training. Work with your performance coach to develop a training plan and reach your goals.


The Elite program includes a comprehensive look at brain and body efficiency, as well as remote brain training sessions monitored by your personal performance coach.


Truly train like the pros. Receive advanced heart rate variability (HRV) and neurofeedback training, as well as weekly check-ins with your performance coach.

Check out the training program used by US Open winner, Bryson DeChambeau



At Neuropeak Pro, we believe the human body already has everything it needs to reach peak performance. Our programs simply tap into the natural superpowers that are already there.

Our training is designed to promote balance within the autonomic nervous system and improve brain performance. From precision breathing and heart rate variability training to neurofeedback brain training, we develop programs that help individuals reach their full potential.

How We Help​


Each element of our program works together to help improve your energy level.


We evaluate brain function and design targeted plans to help clients better manage stress.


Many of our clients feel they experience heightened creativity after completing our program.


With your heart and brain working together optimally, experience that in-the-zone feeling.


Our evaluation uses EEG technology and other measures to target clients’ mood concerns.


We help clients improve their memory through rigorous, customized regimens.

What Our Clients

Have To Say​

"Hard to put a price tag on these types of upgrades to how you operate on a daily basis."
- Mark, Neuropeak Pro Client
"I had explored other training options that included supplements and dieting changes but I knew there was something else related to my body that I needed to explore. Highly recommend anyone in a high stressed environment to check this company out."
- Neuropeak Pro Client, Commercial Banking
"I can definitely see a massive improvement in my mental clarity, focus, sleep, and ability to remain calm in stressful situations. I am much more productive at work. The training is a lot of fun."
- Mark Petro, Law Firm
"My experience with Neuropeak Pro has been extremely valuable. As an executive, I have been able to reduce my stress in specific environments and improve my focus."
- Brett, Chief Operating Officer