Neuropeak Pro




The Neuroanalytic Assessment provides an overview of your body’s key systems and how they interact with one another. Analysis of this data identifies weaknesses, that when strengthened, will help you remain calm and focused under pressure, sleep better, recover faster, and function with increased energy and creativity.

  1. Schedule: Complete the necessary forms and select the date that works best for you. Your Assessment Lead will contact you to review the assessment process and answer any questions you may have.

  2. Equipment: The assessment equipment will be shipped to you and arrive one day prior to your scheduled assessment date.

  3. Assessment: Your Assessment Lead will connect with you virtually via Zoom to set up the assessment equipment and administer your assessment.

  4. Feedback:  After your assessment is complete, we will schedule your feedback appointment with one of our specialists to review your personalized neuroanalytic report and provide an overview of Neuropeak Pro training programs.

The assessment is designed to measure key indicators of autonomic nervous system and brain health. Using the following measurements we are able to identify inefficiencies that are interfering with your recovery, creativity, focus, productivity – and ultimately your peak performance.

Neuroanalytic Assessment price: $750

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Autonomic Nervous System Response Survey:

A self-report survey that captures your personal observations related to your overall health.

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Breathing & Heart Rate Variability:

An assessment of your breathing structure and cardiovascular resiliency determines how well your heart and lungs work together to provide your brain with sufficient oxygen.

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Neurological Efficiency:

A medical grade electroencephalograph (EEG) is used to measure the efficiency of your brains electrical activity, at three strategic locations.

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Hormone Regulation:

Three hormones critical to your overall health and recovery are measured through a saliva sample collected at a specific time of day.

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Sleep Quality:

Key sleep statistics are captured using a mobile polysomnograph (sleep study) over multiple nights to provide an in-depth overview of your sleep architecture.