Nick Bolhuis, Vice President of Performance Programs

Nick is passionate about mental performance and leads the company’s performance training programs and initiatives. Nick has extensive experience working with teams and athletes from the college up to the professional level in every major sport including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, WTA, and more. Beyond sports, Nick has led teams that conduct corporate evaluation and training programs designed to promote […]

Jenna Johnston, Marketing Manager

Jenna’s vision and versatility are key attributes to the team as she works to expand Neuropeak Pro’s presence in athletics and beyond. As marketing manager, Jenna oversees marketing strategy and works closely with our world-class agency relationships to propel us forward as we look for new ways to connect and engage. Through her formal training […]

Rick Kuiper, CEO

Rick has served Neuropeak Pro since its founding in 2004, leading the development and implementation of the company’s consumer-facing products and programs. With the vision of making Neuropeak Pro training accessible to everyone, anywhere, and at any time and passionate about helping others realize their potential, Rick is focused on developing easy-to-use technology that delivers […]

Jenna Johnston, Marketing Coordinator

Jenna works to expand Neuropeak Pro’s presence in athletics and beyond. As marketing coordinator, she oversees marketing strategy and manages various partnerships that propel us forward. With a degree in Health Communication, Jenna has experience taking highly technical concepts and distilling it down into digestible information, an integral part of what we do at Neuropeak […]

Why Breathing Matters in Golf

The game of golf can be stressful. How can we expect to play our best golf if our body’s stress response is constantly activated?  From the first tee jitters with all eyes on you as you tee off, to having to deal with the inevitable bad shots regardless of your skill level. Breathing matters in […]

Ask A Neuroscientist: What is Heart Rate Variability?

What is Heart Rate Variability? “Breathing is the vehicle through which we can affect the variability of your heart.” Elyse Kemmerer White, Ph.D In this video, Elyse Kemmerer White, Ph.D. talks about heart rate variability, what it is, and why it matters. During the explanation she references an article titled A Healthy Heart is Not […]