We’re thrilled that you’re interested in partnering with Neuropeak Pro! Read more to determine which partnership is right for you.



Determine the partnership that is right for you.



Apply to be an affiliate OR choose the performance program to become NTEL BELT Certified. 


Share Precision Breathing Training and the NTEL BELT with your network and join the movement to improved mental performance. 


The Affiliate Program is perfect for creators, influencers, and leaders who have experienced the power of the Neuropeak Pro NTEL BELT and are looking to refer their network and make additional revenue. Once approved, you will receive your custom affiliate link and access to resources available to help you reach your audience.

What’s Included:

  • Affiliate link
  • Access to the partner area for logos, images, website descriptions, and tracking sales

Neuropeak Pro's Affiliate Program gives our valued clients and champions the opportunity to make commission on the NTEL BELTs sold to your network. If you are interested in applying to become an affiliate, please fill out the application. 

It does not cost anything to be an affiliate.

Yes, it is important that our affiliates have used and believe in the product as much as we do. 

Start by filling out a partnership application below.

No, Neuropeak Pro also offers a wholesale program where this is possible. Contact us to become a wholesale partner. 


The Performance Program is perfect for trainers, coaches, and other professionals that want to help their clients perform better under pressure. As a Performance Partner, you will have the unique opportunity to complete our Level 1 NTEL BELT Certification Course to become certified in the NTEL BELT, and make additional revenue. This allows you to continue being the trusted expert in your client’s performance journey.

What’s Included:

  • Level 1 NTEL BELT Certification Course
  • Neuropeak Pro NTEL BELT
  • Free Neuropeak Pro App membership for primary user account
  • Opportunity to offer Precision Breathing Training as an additional service to your network
  • VIP in-app support
  • Free 60 day trial of the Neuropeak Pro team dashboard for your network

Neuropeak Pro's Performance Program gives our valued performance partners the opportunity to become certified in the NTEL BELT. Being a certified NTEL BELT client can bring additional value to your existing clients, services, or networks. You also have the ability make commission on the NTEL BELTs sold to your network. The Performance Program also comes with free 60 day access to a team dashboard if you'd like visibility into your network's training metrics, as well as a free Neuropeak Pro App membership and VIP in-app support. 

Yes, the Performance Program which includes an NTEL BELT Certification and NTEL BELT costs $349.

No, when you become a performance partner, you will receive an NTEL BELT and NTEL Certification Course to walk you through your Precision Breathing Training.

If you are currently a client or already have a belt, you can still become NTEL BELT Certified at a discounted price. Contact us for details. 

Start by purchasing the Performance Program. 

It depends.


If you’re a coach, trainer, and/or other professional consultant that wants to resell the NTEL BELT to your clients to help them perform better under pressure, the Performance Partnership is the perfect program for you.


If you are a retailer that wants to sell the NTEL BELT, Neuropeak Pro offers a wholesale program. Contact us to learn more about our wholesale partner program.