How to Make a New Year’s Resolution Stick

January is the month dedicated to new beginnings and fresh starts. Without fail, on January 1st we collectively breathe a sigh of closure for the year past and hope for the year ahead. We all start off with the best intentions – lose weight, make time for family, save more money. But no matter how […]

3 Ways Being Social is Beneficial to Your Health and Wellbeing

Whether you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert, from time to time we all crave some kind of social interaction. As humans, we’re considered to be social beings and have spent millions of years in one type of societal setting or another. While there are differing theories as to why exactly we’re social beings, […]

Are Video Games Actually Bad for You?

When you imagine someone who’s addicted to playing video games, you might picture a 14-year-old boy glued to his computer screen. But in reality, the average age of gamers is on the rise, and according to a 2016 estimate, is now 35 years old. Just as the average age of gamers has changed, so has […]

3 Reasons Why You’re Overeating & Ways to Stop

3 Reasons Why You’re Overeating & Ways to Stop December 11, 2018 As we’ve finished up the last of our Thanksgiving leftovers and now prep for the upcoming holidays, there’s one issue that many Americans can relate to – overeating. Whether it’s a special occasion or a repeat occurrence, we’ve all experienced that uncomfortably full […]

Understanding the Connection Between Mental & Physical Health

The Relationship Between Mental & Physical Health October 18, 2018 When you think about your health, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is your physical health – your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc. We often consider mental health a separate matter entirely. We can easily slip into the habit of compartmentalizing […]

How Does the Brain React to Sugar?

With Halloween looming, we all know what that means – copious amounts of candy. If trick-or-treating isn’t in your plans for this year, you may still find yourself indulging in sugary treats (cider and donuts, anyone?). With all this seasonal indulgence, many of us have sugar on the brain. We all know that refined, processed […]

How Pets Improve Mental Health

There’s no doubt about it – holding a sleeping puppy or purring kitten does something wonderful to us. We soften a bit and the weight of the world melts away for a few moments. Many of us have a unique connection with animals that we don’t share with people. As inconvenient as they can be […]

6 Ways to Help Manage Your Mental Health while Traveling

This weekend, many of us will have an extra day off of work and the kids will have a day off from school. That means travel for a lot of us. Time away from the usual grind can provide a much-needed mental break for many of us, but traveling can also trigger stress and anxiety. […]

Smartphones & Mental Health

You’re probably reading this on your smartphone. If you’re not, chances are your phone is within arm’s reach. Over the past decade or so, we’ve accepted smartphones into our lives with open arms. From reflexively checking Facebook to Googling the name of that song on the radio, these devices have become entwined into our daily […]

4 Non-Medication Tips for a Healthier Brain

If you’ve ever walked into a room and forgot why you went in there or noticed that your keys are never why you thought you left them, you may have chalked it up to aging and gone about your day. For decades, we’ve accepted the belief that mental decline as we age was inevitable, but […]