How Gavin Sheets Keeps His Competitive Edge with Neuropeak Pro

Peter To kick things off, can you just share a brief overview of your journey through pro baseball so far? Gavin For sure. I played my college baseball at Wake Forest University and was drafted in the second round of the 2017 MLB draft. I then started in single A with the Winston-Salem Dash my […]

How Walking Helps Your Brain

In a world where everything seems to be canceled, one thing is still allowed – walking. Socially distant walking, of course. It seems eve…

4 Ways to Start Getting Organized

One of the most common self-improvement goals people have is to “get more organized.” Sharing top spots with “lose weight” and “travel mo…

How to Eat Well with a Busy Schedule

We all want to eat well. We know that fruits and vegetables are better choices than packaged snacks. We know to avoid fast food and processed meals. Knowing all this is one thing, yet actually eating well can be a whole different story. So many of us live lives full of back-to-back meetings, soccer practice, […]

Neurofeedback at Home

While neurofeedback brain training has been around for decades, neurofeedback at-home is a relatively new concept. In the past, people who wanted to utilize neurofeedback brain training typically had to go to a provider to receive treatment. Going to a provider has its benefits, but it may not be an option for everyone. That’s why […]

How to Make a New Year’s Resolution Stick

January is the month dedicated to new beginnings and fresh starts. Without fail, on January 1st we collectively breathe a sigh of closure for the year past and hope for the year ahead. We all start off with the best intentions – lose weight, make time for family, save more money. But no matter how […]

How to Retrain Your Anxious Brain

How to Retrain Your Anxious Brain November 5, 2018 As humans, we have the fascinating ability to adapt. Adaptation is a wonderful thing that has aided in our survival throughout history – it’s what helps us eventually turn a new, strange city into a hometown and what reminds us to choose a salad for lunch instead […]