How to Retrain Your Anxious Brain

How to Retrain Your Anxious Brain November 5, 2018 As humans, we have the fascinating ability to adapt. Adaptation is a wonderful thing that has aided in our survival throughout history – it’s what helps us eventually turn a new, strange city into a hometown and what reminds us to choose a salad for lunch instead […]

How Pets Improve Mental Health

There’s no doubt about it – holding a sleeping puppy or purring kitten does something wonderful to us. We soften a bit and the weight of the world melts away for a few moments. Many of us have a unique connection with animals that we don’t share with people. As inconvenient as they can be […]

6 Ways to Help Manage Your Mental Health while Traveling

This weekend, many of us will have an extra day off of work and the kids will have a day off from school. That means travel for a lot of us. Time away from the usual grind can provide a much-needed mental break for many of us, but traveling can also trigger stress and anxiety. […]

Understanding Your Stress Type & How to Manage It

We’ve all know by now that stress is just a part of life. As true as this may be, not all stress is created equal. Slamming on your breaks when a child suddenly runs out into the street is one kind of stress, which is healthy and helpful; having heart palpitations from a never-ending to-do […]

Smartphones & Mental Health

You’re probably reading this on your smartphone. If you’re not, chances are your phone is within arm’s reach. Over the past decade or so, we’ve accepted smartphones into our lives with open arms. From reflexively checking Facebook to Googling the name of that song on the radio, these devices have become entwined into our daily […]

How Stress and Anxiety Affect the Brain

If you’ve ever been pulled over by the police or have had to give a speech in front of a large crowd, you’re probably familiar with stress and anxiety in some form or another. These emotions can trigger not only a mental response but a physical one too. While some level of stress and anxiety […]

Foods & Natural Supplements That Can Help Anxiety

Foods & Natural Supplements That Can Help Anxiety May 2, 2018 Affecting roughly 40 million adults, anxiety disorders in America are not uncommon. And with anxiety diagnoses continuing to rise, many people are beginning to seek more holistic treatments. Medication and therapy have been the standard treatment options for decades. While these methods may help […]

Can I Absorb Other People’s Stress?

All of us have experienced the contagious yawn effect – a friend or coworker yawns and suddenly your mouth is open and you’re taking that deep inhale too. As social beings, we have an empathetic streak in us, and contagious yawning is just one example of it. And while contagious yawning has very little effect […]

Am I Stressed or Anxious?

Am I Stressed or Anxious? March 30, 2018 Recently, celebrities like Carson Daly, Kevin Love, and Bill Hader have all broken the silence about their journey with mental health. From acting, to hosting TV shows, to playing in national basketball games – a common thread amongst these guys is that they have all spoken out […]

Does Deep Breathing Really Do Anything?

Does Deep Breathing Really Do Anything? Updated April 23, 2019 How many times have you been angry, stressed, or anxious and someone told you to just take a deep breath? Oftentimes, we write this phrase off as just what you’re supposed to say when you don’t really know how to help. But the truth of […]