Client Reviews
Life-changing stories from real Neuropeak Pro clients.

Latosha’s Story

Hip Hop HIITs co-creator, LaTosha Wilson, talks about her training experience with Neuropeak Pro. She found that optimizing her brain performance was calming her anxiety, which proved to be life-changing for her career, home life, and overall wellness. Watch her story and contact us to see how we can help you train your brain for a better life!

Brian’s Story

President of Highpoint Real Estate & Development Inc., Brian Sikma, reflects on his training experience with Neuropeak Pro. He believes in taking preventative measures to make sure that he can stay active and sharp, both in business and his personal life as he ages. Check out his story and contact us to learn more about the benefits and life-changing effects of our training programs.

Esports Florida Mayhem

The Florida Mayhem is a professional eSports team for the video game Overwatch. Just as traditional athletes need their brains to perform optimally, an eSport athlete’s brain is their greatest commodity.

Mark PetroLaw Firm
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"I can definitely see a massive improvement in my mental clarity, focus, sleep, and ability to remain calm in stressful situations. I am much more productive at work. The training is a lot of fun."
BrettChief Operating Officer
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"My experience with Neuropeak Pro has been extremely valuable. As an executive, I have been able to reduce my stress in specific environments and improve my focus."
Neuropeak Pro ClientCommercial Banking
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"I had explored other training options that included supplements and dieting changes but I knew there was something else related to my body that I needed to explore. Highly recommend anyone in a high stressed environment to check this company out."