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A brain and breathing first approach to wellness for first responders

Why Neuropeak Pro?

FIT+ is one of our most popular programs. It’s centered on breathing and heart rate variability (HRV) training. Full of tried and true tips for living a healthy life, we also incorporate cutting-edge science to ensure results. From brain-healthy recipes to heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring, FIT+ will work to help improve stress management, burnout, recovery, and focus.

At Neuropeak Pro, we know that wellness doesn’t stop with diet and exercise. As a first responder, your wellness is crucial. That’s why we developed programs that target mental performance for those in a high-stress line of work. We help you identify inefficiencies in your breathing and brainwave frequency, and work to improve your overall stress management to maximize your potential.
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training

HRV is a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat. This variation is controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Monitoring HRV is a non-invasive way to help identify ANS imbalances.

Heart rate variability training is an important aspect of our program. With HRV training, our clients learn to breathe deeper and slower to maximize their heart function. This allows proper blood and oxygen to flow throughout the body and brain.

During a session, a performance coach will help you focus on your breathing and provide you with tips and immediate feedback until this style of breathing becomes second nature.


Coresense HRV Equipment

How We Help​


Each element of our program works together to help improve your energy level.


We evaluate brain function and design targeted plans to help clients better manage stress.


Many of our clients feel they experience heightened creativity after going through our program.


With your heart and brain working together optimally, experience that in-the-zone feeling.


Our evaluation uses EEG technology and other measures to target clients’ mood concerns.


We help clients improve their memory through rigorous, customized regimens.

Program  Options

Fit+ Program

A comprehensive, wellness-focused program that’s centered on precision breathing and heart rate variability. 

$300 for 3-month program


ELITE Program

Everything included in the FIT+ program with the addition of neurofeedback brain training with a personal performance coach to guide your training and progress.

$1,950 for 3-month program


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