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Our Elite training program begins with an initial evalauation of brain performance. This allows us to identify strentgths and opportunities for improvement so that we can choose the right training plan for you.

Your evaluation will be completed via video conference with your performance coach. Your results and customized training program will be discussed with you that same day.

From there, you’re ready to start your journey toward performance optimization.

Should you choose to start the program, your evaluation cost will be applied to your training program balance.

Performance Evaluation
The Performance Remote evaluation offers insight regarding your brain and heart rate variability data while working one-on-one with a Neuropeak Pro coach from anywhere worldwide. Analyzing these provides a deeper understanding of your current performance threshold and mental resiliency.
Premium Evaluation
The Premium On-Site evaluation offers a comprehensive look at the brain and body efficiency. The full-cap qEEG provides an extensive overview of the inner workings of your brain, body, and stress recovery. Travel billed at cost.
What our Clients Have to say
MarkNeuropeak Pro Client
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"Hard to put a price tag on these types of upgrades to how you operate on a daily basis."
Mark PetroLaw Firm
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"I can definitely see a massive improvement in my mental clarity, focus, sleep, and ability to remain calm in stressful situations. I am much more productive at work. The training is a lot of fun."
BrettChief Operating Officer
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"My experience with Neuropeak Pro has been extremely valuable. As an executive, I have been able to reduce my stress in specific environments and improve my focus."
Neuropeak Pro ClientCommercial Banking
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"I had explored other training options that included supplements and dieting changes but I knew there was something else related to my body that I needed to explore. Highly recommend anyone in a high stressed environment to check this company out."