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Optimizing Human Performance | Grand Rapids

Optimize Your Performance

11:30AM to 1:00PM

University Club of Grand Rapids
111 Lyon St. NW #1025, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Optimizing your potential begins with an understanding of the key elements of performance, recovery, and focus.

Dr. Timothy Royer is a national leader in the fields of neuroscience, peak performance, and sleep optimization. He consults Fortune 500 executives, doctors, best selling authors, the Special Forces, and multiple NBA, NFL, and NHL teams to help them understand and optimize their recovery and performance.

During this educational lunch, Dr. Royer will share his experiences working with elite performers while he breaks down the science behind peak performance. Whether you are interested in unleashing higher levels of creativity, sleeping more efficiently, becoming calmer under pressure, or you're interested improving your general health and performance, this afternoon is for you. 

This event promises to be informative and entertaining as we explore the science of the autonomic nervous system, performance in the workplace, and overall health.

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