Breathing And The Brain: Oxygen intake is an important factor that allows for the brain to function optimally. Additionally, oxygen intake influences how the autonomic nervous system manages brain and body’s response to our environment. Each lung has over 300 million tiny air sacs, called alveoli, through which the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place. Rapid and shallow breaths interface with only a small percentage of alveoli. All the systems of the body are connected, and respiratory inefficiency can also severely impact the heart.

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How Neuropeak Pro Can Help: Learning to breath in a more effective away can increase oxygen intake and widen heart rate variability, improving the heart’s adaptability to the change. Neuropeak Pro breathing and coherence training uses breathing techniques that allow the autonomic nervous system, specifically the heart and lungs, to adjust to environmental stressors with greater flexibility.

Once you complete an assessment, you can begin breathing training.