What Equipment Is Used For Neurofeedback? The brain is an electrical organ. An EEG (electroencephalogram) is used to assess the electrical activity of the brain at multiple locations to determine where improvements can be made.

How Neurofeedback Works: Neurofeedback training is rooted in neuroplasticity, which means the brain’s ability to rewire itself to function at its peak. Training is driven by the efficiency of the brain’s electrical activity. If the efficiency of the brain is optimal, it will receive positive reinforcement. If the efficiency of the brain becomes less than optimal, it will receive a negative punishment, like the pause of a movie. Over time, the brain learns from the positive reinforcements to become more balance and resilient.

How Neuropeak Pro Can Help: Neuropeak Pro neurofeedback training regulates the brain’s electrical activity during the simple activity of watching a movie. Training provides many benefits; both during the day by improving focus, attention and creativity, and during the night by improving neurological recovery during sleep. If the efficiency of the brain is improved, so are its functions, including hormone regulation, memory consolidation, and mental performance.

Once you complete an assessment, you can begin neurofeedback training.