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Experience the Elite program as a client and receive training on how to deliver a performance evaluation to future clients.


Conduct evaluations with assistance from a BCIA certified performance coach & refer clients to a program.


We work with athletes looking for a competitive edge, children and parents looking to improve focus at work and school, and anyone looking to improve restfulness and recovery. We know that when the autonomic nervous system is functioning properly, the rest of the body follows. Clients looking to improve their performance, improve their focus, sleep, creativity, recovery, mood, and memory would make great candidates for our programs.

This partnership is an opportunity for you to offer your client more, engage your clients longer, and help your client when they’re not physically in your facility.

If your client has questions about our programs or process, you can direct them to www.neuropeakpro.com or have them call our team at 800-600-4096.

If your client has already started a program and has specific questions about their training, have them contact their performance coach directly.

Once your partnership kit is purchased, you will get a chance to experience our Elite program as a client and receive training on how to co-facilitate a performance evaluation to future clients.


The first step to a Performance Evaluation is scheduling the appointment with us. This appointment will last approximately 1 hour. As a MAT practitioner, you will have access to our scheduling link which will allow you and your client to find the ideal day and time to meet with one of our performance coaches.

Once the appointment is scheduled, the client will receive a calendar invite and confirmation email that includes the following:

  • Date and time of appointment
  • Zoom Video login information and ID #
  • Performance coach assignment

Clients scheduled for an evaluation will also receive a welcome email that includes links to online forms to be completed by the client prior to the appointment. These forms should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete (total) and include the following: 

  • Client Agreement and Authorization Forms
  • Neuropeak Pro Performance Profile (NP3)

Once your client’s evaluation is scheduled, there is minimal prep work for you or your client to complete. The main thing is to set up the evaluation environment for success. This means:

  • Finding a quiet and distraction free space for the evaluation to take place
  • Ensuring that there is a computer available with camera access for the Zoom meeting
  • Setting up an Apple or Android phone with the two necessary (free) applications:
    • Myndlift
    • Elite HRV
    • *Note that each client will have their own unique login information for these apps provided by their coach at the appointment.

The equipment will also need to be prepped and ready for the client’s use. This involves charging the CorSense and Muse Headband with the available chargers.

At the time of the evaluation, you will log on to the Zoom meeting using the ID provided to the client in their appointment confirmation email. A Neuropeak Pro Performance Coach will be waiting to greet you and the client.

We’ll begin with introductions and a discussion with both you and your client about the reasons for the evaluation and their MAT goals and journey to better performance. We will transition to the EEG data collection and ask that you help the client set up their headband and electrode so we can ensure proper placement. Once this is complete, we will move to the HRV data collection phase, followed by a review of the results and a discussion about next steps to begin a program.

The Performance Evaluation typically lasts about 1 hour.

After the appointment, the performance coach will send a completed Evaluation Report to the client’s email and follow-up with additional program option information. If the client signs up for a program at the evaluation, they will receive information about receiving their equipment, scheduling their Orientation appointment, payment collection, etc.


Biofeedback is a process in which users receive real-time feedback on physiological activities such as heart rate, heart rate variability, brainwave activity, and breathing, to name a few. Through repeated and consistent practice of biofeedback, users can learn to control the physiological activity they’re training with the purpose being improving performance.

Heat rate variability is NOT heart rate. While heart rate measures the average number of times your heart beats per minute, heart rate variability measures the variation in time between those beats. This measurement has been growing in popularity over the past few years, especially for those who are interested in fitness and wellness.

Heart Rate Variability is an indicator of the autonomic nervous system’s (ANS) performance, and the balance between the parasympathetic state (rest/digest) and sympathetic state (fight/flight). Your body seeks balance. Each day, internal and external conditions change. These stressors, predictable or not, trigger automatic physiological responses which impact your body & brain.

Heart Rate Variability Training taps into your body’s natural ability to reestablish balance and master the calm, restorative parasympathetic state.

For more information about Heart rate variability download our report here.

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that provides you with real-time information about your brainwave activity. Without receiving any direct stimulation, you will learn to optimize your brainwave activity to approach the target range that is being rewarded. Repeated neurofeedback sessions reinforce or create new brain connections and pathways through neuroplasticity, optimizing your performance.

Consistent, repeated neurofeedback sessions reinforce or create new brain connections and pathways through neuroplasticity, creating long-lasting changes in the brain. During major life events clients may engage in a monthly subscription for maintenance.

No, we do not shock the brain. Neurofeedback uses noninvasive EEG technology that simply reads the brainwaves using a small lead sensor and some conductive paste that is placed on the scalp.

Your brain will never receive any form of stimulation. It learns to improve by itself, without any conscious effort on your part.

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is an important indicator of performance. A headset and EEG sensor are used during the evaluation and neurofeedback training sessions to measure the electrical activity on the surface or cortex of the brain. The EEG allows us to quantify different frequency ranges, or “speeds” within the brain. You may be familiar with some of the terms: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and High Beta. These frequency ranges each have a purpose. Delta waves, for example, predominate in the deepest stages of non-REM sleep. Beta 1 activity contributes to physical balance and coordination. Beta 2 activity is involved in thinking, planning and problem solving. Too much or too little of a particular frequency can have a negative impact on performance. The key to optimal performance is balance – that’s where neurofeedback training comes in!

There are no major health risks associated with neurofeedback or heart rate variability training.

During neurofeedback training sessions, a small sensor is placed on your scalp. The sensor application site is prepared by a gentle massage with a mild abrasive gel, which may cause minor skin discomfort. Conductive electrode paste is used to hold the EEG sensor in place. There is a chance that this paste will cause minor skin discomfort.

This technology is based on a reward system that encourages your brain to reach a level of being focused and relaxed. Your brain will never receive any form of stimulation. It learns to improve by itself, without any conscious effort on your part.

You may experience discomfort from sitting still in a chair for 20 minutes while the neurofeedback takes place, in the form of fatigue, muscle stiffness or less often, mild headache. You may experience eye strain from watching the movie.

Precision breathing and Heart Rate Variability training will require you to breathe slowly at a relaxing rate. Changing the pace and depth of your breathing may initially produce some mild light-headedness.


We work with individuals, athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations, and teams looking to improve their performance, focus, energy, recovery, creativity, mood, or memory.

To get started, you can purchase an Elite Partnership Kit here.

What a session looks like will vary depending on the program selected and your customized training protocol.


During your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training sessions you will log into the HRV app, on your phone, and place the CorSense on your finger. You’re your screen will show your HRV and Heart Rate scores as well as a breathing pacer for you to follow on the screen. You will be able to edit your breathing pacer settings to determine the inhale and exhale pattern that works best for you. Repeated practice of this paced breathing will condition your body and brain to better respond to, and recover from, internal and external stressors.


The Elite program combines the HRV training sessions outlined in FIT+ and includes a neurofeedback component. During your neurofeedback sessions, and customized training protocol, you’ll receive either audio or visual feedback. Clients can search YouTube for the content that interests them during each training session. Here is an outline of the neurofeedback experience:

· Once you’re hooked up to the brainwave sensor and headset, you will watch or listen to a video of your choice.

· The headband and sensor monitor your brainwave activity in real-time and “talk” to the application, telling it when to play optimally.

· The video will play in full brightness when your brainwave activity is moving toward a healthier range, which will be established just for you.

· When your brainwaves re not firing within the target range the video will fade to black.

· This disruption is the brain’s cue that it has deviated from transitioning to a more optimal state.

· Because the brain craves rhythm, it is motivated to determine how to keep the video playing in full brightness.

· Within milliseconds, the brain corrects itself. This feedback loop happens repeatedly during your session.


The Premier program combines the neurofeedback component outlined in the Elite program and includes enhanced HRV training. During your session you’ll log onto predownloaded software on the laptop provided for training and attach the breathing belt and finger sensor. Depending on your stage of the program, your screen will show different datapoints (i.e., Coherence, Respiration Rate, Amplitude, Volume). With the guidance of your performance coach, you’ll train your way through the different stages of HRV training.

Nurofeedback Training Recommendations

You will work with your coach to determine a customized plan that best suits you and your lifestyle. Ideally, we recommend at least 2-3 training sessions per week, for about 20 minutes each session. Our programs that include neurofeedback are 90 days long, with the option to transition to a month-to-month subscription after the first 90 days.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training Recommendations

Ideally, we recommend practicing deep, paced breathing 10-20 minutes each day. For client’s enrolled in FIT+ and Elite, we also recommend collecting a 2-minute baseline reading at the start of each day. Our programs that include HRV Training are 90 days long, with the option to transition to a month-to-month subscription after the first 90 days.

We work with clients as young as 6 years old with no age maximum. One limitation to neurofeedback training for younger clients is that the size of the Muse headband may be too large for the average size of a child’s head. If the Muse headband is too big for the client, we will be unable to get a connection; therefore, they will be unable to train. Training also requires clients to be able to sit “statue still” for 20+ minutes at a time.

For precision breathing and heartrate variability training, often the younger kids have a harder time learning how to master the breathing techniques taught. The apps utilized are geared towards an adult’s understanding of data/science and are not tailored to children. However, there are parental control options for the YouTube selection during neurofeedback training.

All our performance coaches are Board Certified in Neurofeedback by the Board Certification International Alliance (BCIA). Our coaches are committed to you and your success as they guide you through the program. For more information, click here

After the first 90 days of training, you will complete a 90-day program evaluation to review your progress and discuss next steps with your performance coach. Clients will often choose to transition to our monthly subscription program. Think of the first 90 days as a ‘Bootcamp’ or in-season training and then we get into practice or off-season maintenance during the subscription!

Your performance coach will work with you to identify goals and define expectations for training. Throughout the 90-day program, you will complete a baseline, 45-day, and 90-day evaluation, in addition to biweekly check-ins with your performance coach. The data collected at the baseline evaluation will determine the data that is collected at future evaluations, allowing you and your coach the ability to compare and track progress throughout the program.

You may change programs at any time. To do so, contact your performance coach. S/he will update your account, collect any additional payment, and provide additional equipment, as needed.

We work to help you reach your peak performance. We do not treat diagnosed conditions. Benefits of our program may include improved focus, stress management, mood, creativity, recovery, and memory.

Our performance coaches will guide you through your training journey by providing progress updates and coaching you on all-things breathing, brain and lifestyle modifications. Note that this is not counseling, clinical help, or mental health therapy.


If something comes up that requires a return or refund, we’re here to help. Equipment must be received by Neuropeak Pro within 30 days of original delivery date to be eligible for 100% refund. The purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs. 

After we receive your equipment, our team of professionals will inspect it and process your refund. We are not responsible for returned equipment that is lost or damaged in transit back to Neuropeak Pro. We recommend insurance in the amount of $5. If the product is unused, undamaged, and in the same condition that you received it, you are eligible for a full refund.

If a return is requested for opened or used equipment within 30 days of the original delivery date to you, you are still eligible for up to a 50% refund depending on the condition of the equipment which will be evaluated in our sole and absolute discretion.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our return policy. 

To make a return or request a refund, please fill out this contact form or call 800.600.4096. Once a refund is processed, the amount will be posted back to the account it was pulled within 2-7 business days. 

Neuropeak Pro clients enjoy FREE shipping within the United States. Those located outside of the U.S. can still participate in our programs and should complete a contact us form for estimated shipping rates and delivery details.

Orders typically ship within 5-7 business days or less.

Please note that shipping delays are possible to due COVID-19. 


Neuropeak Pro works people to help achieve their performance goals and is not considered a medical necessity. Therefore, you cannot use an HSA or FSA for our programs.

If something comes up that requires a return or refund, we’re here to help. Equipment must be received by Neuropeak Pro within 30 days of original delivery date to be eligible for a refund. The purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs. Please see the full return policy here.

We offer Affirm pricing which allows you to pay over time. Click here for more information about Affirm.

Neuropeak Pro works to help people improve their performance and is not considered a medical necessity. Therefore, our programs are not billable to health insurance.

If you would like to cancel your program or subscription, contact your performance coach.