Here you will find training on how to co-facilitate an evaluation.

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Welcome to the partnership with Neuropeak Pro

Congratulations on taking your first step on your journey towards peak performance for you and your clients! Here you will learn more about us and how this partnership will help benefit your business. 


Dive into the science of what we do and learn more about how the autonomic nervous system impacts performance. 


Here you will learn more about what a performance evaluation is and how to co-facilitate one with your clients. 


We have several programs to help best fit your client’s needs. In this video, you will learn about our program options for your clients after they complete an evaluation. 


Let’s talk about how to prepare for a performance evaluation. 


Here you will learn the components of a performance evaluation and how we will work together to complete one for your clients. 


Congratulations! You did it. Here you will learn about the steps to take after you have completed co-facilitating your client’s evaluation. 

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We work with athletes looking for a competitive edge, children and parents looking to improve focus at work and school, and anyone looking to improve restfulness and recovery. We know that when the autonomic nervous system is functioning properly, the rest of the body follows. Clients looking to improve their performance, improve their focus, sleep, creativity, recovery, mood, and memory would make great candidates for our programs.

This partnership is an opportunity for you to offer your client more, engage your clients longer, and help your client when they’re not physically in your facility.

You also have the ability to increase your revenue with the performance evaluation offering. You will receive 100% of the evaluation cost, at the price point you choose.

If your client has questions about our programs or process, you can direct them to www.neuropeakpro.com or have them call our team at 800-600-4096.

If your client has already started a program and has specific questions about their training, have them contact their performance coach directly.

Muse Equipment


The first step to a Performance Evaluation is scheduling the appointment with us. This appointment will last approximately 1 hour. As a MAT practitioner, you will have access to our scheduling link which will allow you and your client to find the ideal day and time to meet with one of our performance coaches.

Once the appointment is scheduled, the client will receive a calendar invite and confirmation email that includes the following:

  • Date and time of appointment
  • Zoom Video login information and ID #
  • Performance coach assignment

Clients scheduled for an evaluation will also receive a welcome email that includes links to online forms to be completed by the client prior to the appointment. These forms should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete (total) and include the following: 

  • Client Agreement and Authorization Forms
  • Neuropeak Pro Performance Profile (NP3)

Once your client’s evaluation is scheduled, there is minimal prep work for you or your client to complete. The main thing is to set up the evaluation environment for success. This means:

  • Finding a quiet and distraction free space for the evaluation to take place
  • Ensuring that there is a computer available with camera access for the Zoom meeting
  • Setting up an Apple or Android phone with the two necessary (free) applications:
    • Myndlift
    • Elite HRV
    • *Note that each client will have their own unique login information for these apps provided by their coach at the appointment.

The equipment will also need to be prepped and ready for the client’s use. This involves charging the CorSense and Muse Headband with the available chargers.

At the time of the evaluation, you will log on to the Zoom meeting using the ID provided to the client in their appointment confirmation email. A Neuropeak Pro Performance Coach will be waiting to greet you and the client.

We’ll begin with introductions and a discussion with both you and your client about the reasons for the evaluation and their MAT goals and journey to better performance. We will transition to the EEG data collection and ask that you help the client set up their headband and electrode so we can ensure proper placement. Once this is complete, we will move to the HRV data collection phase, followed by a review of the results and a discussion about next steps to begin a program.

The Performance Evaluation typically lasts about 1 hour.

After the appointment, the performance coach will send a completed Evaluation Report to the client’s email and follow-up with additional program option information. If the client signs up for a program at the evaluation, they will receive information about receiving their equipment, scheduling their Orientation appointment, payment collection, etc.