MAT & Neuropeak Pro
Partnership Kit

Neuropeak Pro is partnering with Muscle Activation Techniques practitioners to provide clients the latest in performance science.

Neuropeak Pro
Muscle activation Techniques

As the leader in highly advanced neurofeedback training, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s greatest athletes to improve their performance. One of whom is Bryson DeChambeau. 

In seeing Bryson’s tremendous success in using Neuropeak Pro’s and MAT’s combined services, we wanted to be able to provide our integrated approach on a wider scale.

That’s why Neuropeak Pro and Muscle Activation Techniques are partnering to provide clients a truly comprehensive experience.

With MAT’s optimization of physical performance combined with  Neuropeak Pro’s optimization of mental performance, individuals are able to strengthen their body, brain, and breathing to reach their performance potential.

neuropeak pro 

The MAT practitioner will be trained on how to conduct on-site evaluations. MAT will charge the client directly for the evaluation and the fees collected go to MAT. Neuropeak Pro will assist by providing technical support and feedback to the client during the evaluation.




Purchase the Neuropeak Pro partner kit to become a partner.


Experience the Elite program as a client and receive training on how to deliver a performance evaluation to future clients.


Conduct evaluations with assistance from a BCIA certified performance coach & refer clients to a program.

Our Clients

Neurofeedback science has been around for decades and is used by groundbreaking organizations including NASA*. Today, technology advances have made it more cost-effective and accessible to the public.

Our program has helped thousands of clients, from children and teens to executives and elite athletes, like US Open winner Bryson DeChambeau. 

*Brainwave Monitoring Software Improves Distracted Minds.” NASA, NASA,

Neuropeak Pro’s APPROACH

Program Pyramid-01

1. Build Your Foundation

Precision Breathing

Breathing is the foundation of all of our programs. That’s because our breath has the power to engage our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The problem is, many of us are actually breathing in a way that isn’t beneficial to our bodies. We start our programs by changing that first.

2. Optimize Your Performance

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

HRV is the measurement of the variation between each heartbeat. Because HRV can help identify imbalances in the ANS, it’s a great way to gain insight into how our bodies are functioning. Then, once we have this information, we can start to maximize performance. 

3. Take Your Training to the Next Level


The brain needs healthy fast- and slow-moving brainwave activity to function at its best. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, reward-based training system for your brain that works to change the electrical activity of your brain. Our neurofeedback programs are the best way to bring all aspects of your training together.