Neurofeedback at Home

While neurofeedback brain training has been around for decades, neurofeedback at-home is a relatively new concept. In the past, people who wanted to utilize neurofeedback brain training typically had to go to a provider to receive treatment. Going to a provider has its benefits, but it may not be an option for everyone. That’s why we developed our at-home neurofeedback program, Elite.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a subset of biofeedback. Biofeedback is a broad term for being able to learn to control some of your bodily functions through real-time feedback. It’s like learning to slow down your breaths-per-minute by watching your breathing rate on a screen.

Neurofeedback is biofeedback that’s specifically targeted to your brain. It oftentimes uses an EEG machine and is sometimes referred to as EEG biofeedback. While there are several different forms of neurofeedback, the most common form is brain wave training.

Brain waves refer to the naturally-occurring electricity that we all have in our brains all the time. These waves range from slow- to fast-moving and can have an impact on how we feel. For example, too many slow waves occurring during the day could be contributing to focus issues. Too many fast-moving waves could play a role in anxiety.

How Does At-Home Neurofeedback Work?

Our mobile neurofeedback method uses EEG sensors to monitor your brainwaves, and a smartphone or tablet to send feedback back to you. This feedback is fed back to you either through a YouTube video or a brain training game.

The video or game only operates smoothly when your brainwaves are functioning within an optimal range. This acts as a reward for your brain. When your brainwaves fire at a rate that’s not optimal, you’ll receive negative feedback (your movie pauses, you lose points in a game). This tells your brain that something is out of balance and causes it to “figure out” how to return to a seamless video or game.

Neurofeedback can be an effective option for many people because it utilizes our brains’ ability to learn. Every time we learn something new, our brain physically changes. Some synapses get stronger while others get weaker. Over time, neurofeedback can help train the brain to function differently, potentially resulting in long-lasting positive changes.

Included in Elite

Thanks to the continuing advancement of science and technology, we’re able to deliver compact EEG equipment right to your home. Our Elite program includes a brainwave-reading headband and scalp sensor, gel to adhere the sensor, and instructions on how to use the neurofeedback app on your phone or tablet.

We like to start each of our clients out with an initial evaluation. This involves EEG brain mapping and the client completing a baseline wellness tracker. This helps us gain some baseline data so we can tailor a program just for you and measure progress more objectively.

After the evaluation, our clients receive six one-on-one remote sessions with a performance coach to help monitor progress and gain life-long tips for improved brain health. Additionally, once you begin brain training with Elite, you’ll own all the equipment. Meaning, you’ll be able to continue brain training for as long as you’d like with our monthly subscription plan.

To learn more about our at-home neurofeedback program, give us a call at 800.600.4096.

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