Golf Intelligence Software to Integrate Insights from Neuropeak Pro’s NTEL BELT into User-Friendly Performance Dashboard

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. May 2, 2023 – Neuropeak Pro, a leading mental performance training company and creators of the NTEL BELT, announced today a collaboration with an industry leading golf intelligence and optimization platform, Circles.  

Neuropeak Pro introduced the NTEL BELT, a first-of-its-kind wearable training device designed to revolutionize breathing and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training, at the PGA Show in 2022. Used by Jordan Spieth, Zach Johnson, Nick Hardy, and more than 50 other touring professionals, the NTEL BELT and the Neuropeak Pro mobile app provide athletes and non-athletes alike a training tool that can help them more effectively respond to stress and perform their best under pressure.

“With a shared mission of enabling golfers to achieve their goals and perform at the highest level, the collaboration between Circles and Neuropeak Pro is a natural fit,” said Rick Kuiper, CEO of Neuropeak Pro. “We are thrilled to be working alongside another company focused on helping athletes improve their performance, and our work together will increase the value provided by both platforms to our athletes.”

As part of the collaboration, Circles will be incorporating data from the NTEL BELT into their extensive golf intelligence platform, allowing golfers to turn the information into a meaningful strategy on the golf course. The Circles platform provides golfers access to tour player-level insights for free (five rounds), and is available on iOS, Apple Watch, and as a web-based application. It provides players with insight into their performance, automatically delivering personalized practice plans and on-course strategies.

“We believe in developing the best products that add the most value to players, and in our view, innovation is achieved through collaboration,” said Circles CEO, Craig Dixon. “We’re excited to partner with Neuropeak Pro to deliver performance tools to the aspiring golfer that only the top 1% previously had access to.”

For more information on both Neuropeak Pro and Circles, please visit neuropeakpro.com and drawmorecircles.com.

About Neuropeak Pro

Neuropeak Pro is a Precision Breathing, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Brain Performance Training company that trains individuals and elite athletes how to optimize their performance.  Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the company works with professional and college athletes in every major sport and in numerous other sports.  More information on the company and its NTEL BELT trainer can be found at neuropeakpro.com.

About Circles

Circles is a golf intelligence platform empowering players and coaches to own and understand their data for better performance outcomes. Founded by high-performance and big-data specialists who believe any golfer, anywhere, should have access to best-in-class information and direction previously only available to the elite. www.drawmorecircles.com.


The Neuropeak Pro NTEL BELT is the first-of-its-kind, real-time TRAINING device and mobile app designed to help unlock peak performance through better, more intentional breathing. We call it Precision Breathing.