Take your game to the next level.

The Neuropeak Pro NTEL BELT is the first-of-its-kind, real-time TRAINING device and mobile app designed to help unlock peak performance through better, more intentional breathing. We call it Precision Breathing.

It’s a trainer,
not a tracker.

Wearable “trackers” are everywhere. Neuropeak Pro’s NTEL BELT is different.

It’s a real-time training device designed to help align diaphragm-based performance breathing with Heart Rate Variability (HRV). The NTEL BELT is worn around the torso, while the Neuropeak Pro app and instructional videos guide users through training sessions and real-world application designed to help optimize an individual’s ability to respond to stress and unlock “zone-like” performance potential.

By training your body’s stress response, you are learning a new skill to manage pressure situations with the calm, focus and creativity that can help you succeed.



Neuropeak Pro's Precision Breathing and HRV training improves performance with a “bottom up” approach that syncs the rhythm of the user’s heart with their breathing structure.

The approach is backed by scientific evidence which demonstrates a connection between intentional breathing practices and management of the Autonomic Nervous System’s control of the “fight-or-flight” and “rest-and-recovery” responses.

The Neuropeak Pro NTEL BELT, mobile app for iOS and Android, and instructional video content work together to help train users to better manage stress, and to help achieve optimal performance under pressure, by changing the way they breathe.

Features & Benefits

Train like the top professional golfers in the world

Being in the “zone” for world-class athletes like Bryson DeChambeau and Jordan Spieth no longer happens by chance. They are training to be there, and so can you.

Take your game to the next level.

Precision Breathing, Heart Rate Variability, And Brain Performance Training

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