HOW PRECISION Breathing can Change Your Game

Being in the “zone” no longer happens by chance for world-class athletes like Bryson DeChambeau and Jordan Spieth. They are training with Neuropeak Pro to be there, and so can you.


Train your breathing to sync with your heart rate variability using a science-based approach to help better manage your “fight-or-flight” and “rest-and-recovery” responses. By training your breathing to help improve your stress response, you will learn to better manage high-pressure situations with a calm and clear min to help you perform your best at any time. 

It’s a Trainer. Not A Tracker.

Precision Breathing. Heart Rate Variability. Brain Performance. 

The NTEL BELT is worn around the torso, while the Neuropeak Pro instructional videos guide you through training sessions and real-world applications to help put your body into a “Zone Ready” condition to unlock superior performance on the course.