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Updated: Jun 1

Chances are, you’ve hopped around our website and have gotten an idea about what it is we do…it’s also likely that you have a few more questions.

We laid out a few of our FAQs in an effort to clear up any questions you may have.

Q: What is neurofeedback?

A: Neurofeedback is a reward-based training system for your brain. The brain needs healthy fast- and slow-moving brainwave activity to function at its best. Neurofeedback uses technology to change the electrical activity of your brain.

We do this by placing EEG sensors on your scalp and then have you watch a video of your choice. Meanwhile, the EEG sensors monitor your brainwave activity in real-time and “talk” to your phone or tablet, telling it when to play. The video plays when your brainwave activity is moving toward a healthier range of functioning that was established just for you.

When your brainwaves are not firing within the target range identified for you for that session –and your brain begins to operate too fast or too slow, or if regions are not communicating efficiently – the video you are watching will pause. This disruption is the brain’s cue that it has deviated from transitioning to a more optimal state.

Because the brain craves balance and rhythm, it’s motivated to figure out how to keep the video playing. Within milliseconds, the brain corrects itself and the video resumes. This feedback loop happens thousands of times during your session. During the entire course

of the program, your brain learns a more balanced, efficient way to function.

Think about how you respond to most things in life. If you’re rewarded for a job well done, you will want to continue to work hard. If you are not rewarded for your hard work, you will likely stop working so hard. The same rules apply to your brainwaves. We can reward the good activity and not reinforce the bad, eventually creating new patterns and healthier habits in your brain.

Q: Are you going to shock the brain? Are there any waves or signals being put into the brain?

A: No, we do not shock the brain – the EEG sensors on the head are only taking a reading of the electrical patterns that already exist within the brain. Our program is completely non-invasive.

Q: How long has this been around?

A: Neuropeak Pro started in 2004, but neurofeedback has been around since the 1970s. In the last decade or so, technology has accelerated and has made neurofeedback more accessible. Because there is now an increased interest in holistic or natural options, neurofeedback is a great option as it is a drug-free approach.

Q: Are there any side effects from neurofeedback training?

A: Due to the fact that Neurofeedback is non-invasive (nothing being sent into your brain) the reported side effects are very minimal. You can view this as exercise for your brain so sometimes people report being tired after a session. Some individuals have also reported a slight headache after a session. This is usually due to eye strain after staring at a screen for 40 minutes.

If your question wasn’t answered here, give us a call at 800.600.4096 – we’d be happy to talk more in-depth with you about what we do and how we might be of help.

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