"I can definitely see a massive improvement in my mental clarity, focus, sleep, and ability to remain calm in stressful situations. I am much more productive at work. The training is a lot of fun."
Neuropeak Pro Client


3-month program



Elite gives you an in-depth look at the inner workings of your brain and body. Designed to take your training to the next level, Elite includes six 1-on-1 virtual training sessions with your personal performance coach, as well as state-of-the-art neurofeedback equipment, a heart rate variability (HRV) finger sensor, and lifestyle coaching.

  • Six 1:1 video coaching sessions with your performance coach 
  • Evaluations & check-ins to monitor progress
  • Neurofeedback (EEG) training equipment
  • Biofeedback (precision breathing and HRV) training equipment
  • Unlimited independent training sessions
  • Ability to train anywhere at any time
  • Lifestyle coaching

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