“There’s a reason why I’ve won 4 times this year.”

– Bryson DeChambeau, PGA TOUR professional golfer



3-month program


Train just like the pros! Receive an on-site premium evaluation, precision breathing and advanced heart rate variability (HRV) coaching, cutting-edge neurofeedback training, and weekly check-ins with your personal performance coach.

  • Premium initial evaluation and 90-day reevaluation
  • Cutting-edge neurofeedback (EEG) training equipment
  • Advanced breathing and HRV training equipment
  • Weekly 1:1 virtual coaching sessions with your performance coach
  • Unlimited independent breathing, HRV, and neurofeedback training sessions
  • Flexibility to train anywhere and on your schedule
  • Travel for evaluations for U.S.-based clients (surcharge for international travel)

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