Get an inside look at the inner workings of your brain health.


Our commitment to you is to make your goals into reality by providing the highest level of training, education, and service. You have our team behind you. At Neuropeak Pro, we value data, education, and you. We are continually working on the best ways to communicate your progress through quantifiable data points.


Additionally, we want to educate you on the autonomic nervous system, how this training optimizes the autonomic nervous system, and ultimately what that optimization means to your life. If you would like any further information on our training process or evaluations, shoot us a message!



The autonomic nervous system regulates involuntary functions of the human body, such as breathing and digestion. Through our senses, we are constantly assessing our environment and automatically sending information to the brain where the brain instantaneously elicits appropriate changes throughout the body. The autonomic nervous system has two divisions – sympathetic and parasympathetic.


The autonomic nervous system doesn’t differentiate between real danger and psychological stress. Neuropeak Pro can help you train your brain to decrease your sympathetic nervous system response, allowing your body to properly manage everyday stress, which may promote better focus, memory, and creativity.



How Neuropeak Pro Can Help:

Learning to breathe in a more effective way can increase oxygen intake and widen heart rate variability, improving the heart’s adaptability to the change. Neuropeak Pro breathing and coherence training uses breathing techniques that allow the autonomic nervous system, specifically the heart and lungs, to adjust to environmental stressors with greater flexibility.



What Is Coherence?

Coherence is an indication of how efficiently the heart and lungs are working together. Coherence comes from the term ‘coherent breathing’, which is a form of breathing that can lower the workload on your heart and increase your heart rate variability.

How Neuropeak Pro Can Help:

Managing stress allows your body to respond appropriately and with ease, according to the actual environment. Neuropeak Pro breathing and coherence training focuses on training the rate, symmetry, and amplitude of breathing for optimal functioning to improve heart and lung efficiency.



What Equipment Is Used For Neurofeedback?

The brain is an electrical organ. An EEG (electroencephalogram) is used to assess the electrical activity of the brain at multiple locations to determine where improvements can be made.


How Neurofeedback Works:

Neurofeedback training is rooted in neuroplasticity, which means the brain’s ability to rewire itself to function at its peak. Training is driven by the efficiency of the brain’s electrical activity. If the efficiency of the brain is optimal, it will receive positive reinforcement. If the efficiency of the brain becomes less than optimal, it will receive a negative punishment, like the pause of a movie. Over time, the brain learns from the positive reinforcements to become more balanced and resilient.


How Neuropeak Pro Can Help:

Neuropeak Pro neurofeedback training regulates the brain’s electrical activity during the simple activity of watching a movie. Training provides many benefits; both during the day by improving focus, attention, and creativity, and during the night by improving neurological recovery during sleep. If the efficiency of the brain is improved, so are its functions, including memory consolidation and mental performance.

Neuropeak Pro makes no claims that it can diagnose, treat, assess, or cure any conditions, including ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, headaches, stress, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s and dementia.



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