Madison Appleyard

Client Engagement Specialist

Madison is a Client Engagement Specialist; she communicates with prospective and current clients throughout their entire journey with Neuropeak Pro. This can include guiding clients through the program options to identify the best fit for them, setting up new users, troubleshooting with and creating content for the current users to just name a few! Madison’s goal is to make the client and user experience the best it can be. She is always inspired by the collaboration with others who are curious of the opportunity to constantly work towards the drive and passion.

Outside of work, Madison spends her time with her partner and her son. They enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors as a family. She and her son dabble in baking together and she likes to go see a movie (mostly for the theater popcorn) and read a book now and then. Some facts about Madison is that she doesn’t own any t-shirts, Parks & Recreation is her all-time favorite show, and she currently has 5 cats, and dreams about having a big (think German Shepard or Bernese Mountain Dog size) in the future.