Rochelle Fintelman

Senior Performance Analyst

Rochelle is Neuropeak Pro’s Senior Performance Analyst. Rochelle plays an important part in reviewing data and developing training plans for our clients. A large part of what she does is listening to what clients are saying they need to optimize and combining their data with a plan to maximize their potential. Rochelle also spends time researching neurofeedback and biofeedback methods that optimize performance with new strategies and devices. She is inspired by the individuality and uniqueness of every person she works with. She is driven by the opportunity to create a customized plan for an individual to be their best self in their work, community, family, and other systems they are a part of.

Outside of work, Rochelle enjoys being active with her husband and kids. She enjoys cycling and is currently working to complete a century ride. She also loves cooking and creating new recipes – particularly for her collection of Instant Pots. A fun fact we love about Rochelle is that she has donated her hair seven times to make wigs for kids with cancer.