Samantha Neugebauer

Peak Performance Team Lead

As Peak Performance Team Lead, Samantha is responsible for managing and training our team of Performance Coaches to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients. Samantha also collaborates closely with the business development, client engagement, marketing, and science teams. Having a background in mental health counseling and being a former Division 1 athlete, she is inspired by the opportunity to merge these past experiences together to help our clients perform at their highest potential whether that’s in sports, the workplace, or everyday life.

When she’s not working, Samantha enjoys any and all adventures with her husband and daughter. She especially loves traveling to new places for visiting family and friends across the globe. A fun fact we love about Samantha (other than the fact she was on the University of Michigan’s Rowing Team) is that she just recently started playing in a local women’s hockey league …something she hasn’t done since she was a teenager.