Rick Kuiper

Rick is the CEO of Neuropeak Pro and has more than 25 years of strategy development and execution experience across diverse business settings. Involved with Neuropeak Pro since its inception, he has led its transition from delivering in-person clinical services to providing wearable performance training products. Rick is focused on delivering easy-to-use technology that delivers […]

Jenna Johnston

Jenna works as Marketing Manager to expand Neuropeak Pro’s presence in athletics and beyond. She oversees marketing strategy and manages various partnerships that propel us forward. Jenna is continually inspired by the industry we work in. She has always had a passion for health & wellness, and promoting a product that truly helps people is […]

Brittani Hyde

Brittani is a Peak Performance Coach at Neuropeak Pro and works with clients from all walks of life to enhance their performance, improve their stress management, and work towards a healthier lifestyle. Brittani is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals. She says that teaching someone how to remain controlled under pressure is one […]

Lonnie Wilda

Lonnie is an integral part of our team as an Administrative Coordinator, as she supports the entire team in various areas. Lonnie keeps things running smoothly on the administrative side and provides exceptional support on larger projects across the team. She is inspired by our work to improve clients’ lives and to work alongside an […]

Dr. Linda Walker, PH.D.

A sought-after expert in both Heart Rate Variability and Neurofeedback Training, Linda’s expertise is a foundation for Neuropeak Pro’s performance programs. She is board certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. Her work includes roles as a clinical leader and software developer for the Biofeedback Federation of Europe and as a technology consultant and instructor […]

Brian Stolman

Brian’s role as a Peak Performance Coach at Neuropeak Pro allows him to walk along with clients as they work to improve their personal performance. Whether through Precision Breathing, Heart Rate Variability, or Brain Performance Training, our goal is to meet clients where they’re at and help them get to where they want to be. […]

Peter Stewart

Peter oversees business development in the world of hockey. He spends his time working directly with NHL professionals, strength and conditioning coaches, and helping coaches and parents learn how Precision Breathing Training can help players on and off the ice. Peter says our clients’ pursuit of excellence most inspires him. They will do all they […]

Bethany Rocha

Bethany works as a Peak Performance Coach with Neuropeak Pro to help clients understand the connection between their brains, bodies, and everyday performance. Bethany says the best part about her job is the moment when two things click- an understanding of physiological systems & our power to cue those systems to perform at their best. […]

Samantha Neugebauer

As Peak Performance Team Lead, Samantha manages and trains our team of Performance Coaches and collaborates closely with the business development, client engagement, marketing, and science teams to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients. Having a background in mental health counseling and being a former Division 1 athlete, she is inspired by the opportunity to […]

Andy Matthews

Andy oversees all golf strategy and business development for Neuropeak Pro on all professional tours, with collegiate and national teams and elite amateurs from around the world. Andy says the most inspiring part of his job is having the opportunity to help individuals and teams who are already great at what they do find the […]