Rachel Martin

Rachel’s role as Director of Client Engagement is to ensure that our clients have a fantastic experience engaging with our platforms. She strives to create a seamless experience for onboarding and supporting our clients and works closely with our executive, marketing, and performance coach teams. Rachel is inspired by learning about our clients and their […]

Carlos Maas

Carlos is a Neuropeak Pro Peak Performance Coach and works directly with clients. Carlos supports individuals engaged in our training programs. It is important to him that his clients not only meet their training goals, but also understand and enjoy the process. Carlos is inspired by educating individuals about how their physiology impacts their feelings […]

Ashley Gossman

Ashley is Neuropeak Pro’s Graphic Design Intern. She works closely with the marketing and business development teams to create a wide range of designs for several different projects. Ashley works to beautify our web and print-based designs and ensure collateral is clean and up to brand standards. Ashley is inspired by the opportunity to learn […]

Rochelle Fintelman

Rochelle is Neuropeak Pro’s Senior Performance Analyst. Rochelle plays an integral part in reviewing data and developing client training plans. A large part of what she does is listen to what clients say they need to optimize and combine their data with a plan to maximize their potential. Rochelle also researches neurofeedback and biofeedback methods […]

Morgan Fegel

Morgan is a Neuropeak Pro Peak Performance Coach and works to administer client evaluations, create customized training plans, monitor training progress, and analyze clients’ biometrics throughout all phases of their training programs. Morgan provides clients with support, guidance, and technical expertise to maximize the impact of Precision Breathing, Heart Rate Variability, and Brain Performance Training. […]

Nick Bolhuis

Nick is passionate about mental performance and leads the company’s performance training programs and initiatives. As Vice President of Performance Programs, Nick has extensive experience working with teams and athletes from the collegiate up to the professional level in every major sport, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, WTA, and more. He also has experience […]

Madison Appleyard

Madison is a Client Engagement Specialist; she communicates with prospective and current clients throughout their journey with Neuropeak Pro. This can include guiding clients through our program options to identify the best fit for them, setting up new users, troubleshooting with, and creating content for our current users, to name a few! Her goal is […]

Samantha Adams

Sam is a Neuropeak Pro Peak Performance Coach and works directly with our clients showing them the ins and outs of Precision Breathing and Brain Performance Training, specifically helping them track their progress throughout our programs. She is inspired by empowering our clients, who have seemingly done everything possible to improve their physical ability using […]