The Importance of
Mind-body Balance

Therapeutic Associates and Neuropeak Pro have teamed up to bring you the best in optimal body & mind balance.

Using neurofeedback, biofeedback, and lifestyle coaching, our program trains mental performance to help individuals reach their peak potential.

Together, our clients receive top-level care for total body and mind optimization.

Program Overview

Receive Equipment

We will ship you all of the equipment you need to train anytime, anywhere.

Baseline Evaluation

Once you receive your equipment your personal brain coach will conduct an initial baseline evaluation.

Begin Training

Work 1-on-1 with your personal brain coach to train your brain and body to reach your wellness goals.

How We Help​

We work to promote balance within the autonomic nervous system utilizing a range of interventions. From heart rate variability and neurofeedback training, we develop training programs that help individuals reach their full potential. Results based on neurofeedback and HRV training.


Each element of our program works together to help improve your energy level.


We evaluate brain function and design targeted plans to help clients better manage stress.


Many of our clients feel they experience heightened creativity after completing our program.


With your heart and brain working together optimally, experience that in-the-zone feeling.


Our evaluation uses EEG technology and other measures to target clients’ mood concerns.


We help clients improve their memory through rigorous, customized regimens.

Remote Neurofeedback How it Works

Neurofeedback is a non-drug, reward-based training system for your brain. It works to change the electrical activity of your brain through subconscious feedback, improving the source of your unwanted concerns.

When you begin Elite training, you’ll receive a neurofeedback headband, equipment, and access to an app – that’s how we read your brainwaves. The feedback to your brain can be delivered within the app through YouTube videos you already watch and enjoy.

All of your data is then stored and displayed within the app and allows your brain coach to monitor your progress, follow along, and track your progress. 

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training

With biofeedback training, you learn to breathe deeper and slower to maximize your heart function, allowing proper blood and oxygen to flow throughout your body, most importantly, to your brain.

Once you are hooked up to the proper Elite HRV breathing equipment, your brain coach will help you focus on your breathing and provide you with tips and immediate feedback until it becomes second nature. Biofeedback training will also be incorporated into your neurofeedback sessions.

Program Options

Neuropeak Fit+

Gain access to the Neuropeak Pro app, full of exercise videos, wellness tips, goal trackers, and more.

$300 for 3-month program

Elite Program
The Elite Training Program is designed to help you train your way to a better life.

$1,950 for 3-month program

Premier Program
The Premier Training Program is designed to take your performance to the next level.

$3,900 for the first 3 months

Mental Resiliency Guide

Get even more from your training with help from our lifestyle guide. Full of tips about sleep, diet, and exercise, take your experience to the next level.