Tom Chaby

Captain Tom Chaby served as an active duty US Navy SEAL for 26 years. Throughout his career, Tom spent over 12 years deployed to over 70 countries around the world leading special operations at every level. Shortly after 9/11, Captain Chaby deployed to Afghanistan leading a Task Unit of 50 SEALs and
support personnel conducting special operations during the initial stages of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. During the latter part of the critical fight in Fallujah, Tom led a Task Force of over 400
personnel conducting full spectrum special operations in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Earlier in his career, Tom lived in South America leading Counter Drug Operations throughout Colombia and the region.

Outside of the operational realm, Tom worked relentlessly with developing and ensuring performance optimization for the SEAL community and developing resilience for the entire 67,000 members that comprise the Special Operations community. During his five-year tenure as Deputy Commanding Officer of the SEAL Training Command and as a SEAL Instructor, Tom was integral in developing the current generation of SEAL operators. While directing the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Preservation of the Force and Family (POTFF) effort, Tom worked closely with Congress to shape programs, authorities and resources to help the entire Special Operations community build and sustain full spectrum resilience: physical, psychological, social and spiritual. At USSOCOM and while working hand-in-hand with globally recognized leaders from academia, to include Stanford University, Palo Alto University and the University of Pennsylvania he developed strategies to build resilience and ensure performance optimization. Captain Chaby’s work and results were reported in the NY Times, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and multiple other publications. His efforts have directly improved he operational readiness and capabilities of the force.

Tom is an executive coach helping senior leaders build team effectiveness and develop performance
optimization. Tom is currently working closely with Fratarcangeli Wealth Management; Don Pablo Coffee;
Globus Medical and DEX Imaging. Additionally, Tom is a public speaker focusing on leadership; team
effectiveness; performance optimization and resilience. He collaborates with Fortune 500 corporations,
sports teams and universities by bringing his experience and insights to help organizations grow. Tom has spoken to and worked with Bill Gates, Dennis Washington, CBRE leadership, Intuit leadership, American Medical Association (AMA), Coach Cooper and the Tampa Bay Lightning; Coach Harbaugh and the University of Michigan Football,” Coach Saban and the University of Alabama Football Team, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Mets, and the New York Yankees coaching staffs along with dozens of other high performance organizations.